splash is the word ….

I spent the weekend in a coastal resort near my home, where the Southern Right Whales come to do whatever it is that whales do….

from what I understand, there is a lot of loving, and some little ones arriving, and whatever it is they are up to, they certainly attract a lot of human interest

it seems fair that since I chose the name for this blog some years back, and since I was enjoying the antics of many whales this weekend, I should share the only shot I got ….



Here I Am …

Well done, me
No-one could accuse me of being in a rush!
I set up this blog in 2011 and today is my first post

so this is a test run while I learn to navigate this realm – I have a blog on blogspot and I guess this is similar ….

note to self – find the correct buttons to press and work out why there is a p in the line below which seems to also be a word counter ….ah the mysteries of technology