October Horoscope : read by Ali for Ali

Oh Ali – this is such an exciting month ahead for you. My word, how on Earth did you dream up such a sizzling experience? the northern hemisphere experiences a solar eclipse this month, and it is as if they are trying to shield themselves from the glowing light that emerges from you! you are dazzling the world so much that the Universe has engineered an extra moment of darkness to balance out your glow!

some things may seem like they will flow easily and quickly. however, although it will all flow easily  – the quickly may be the challenge for you. remember that time is not linear – it is a man-made construct, and things may move at a speed that for you may not seem optimum. but rest assured – all of it – every single second of it, will be infused with so much fun that it will like an orange that is bursting with juice and flavour – simply delicious.

did you know that you are going to succeed with that project you have worked on for so many years – it is time for it to come to fruition. and the sigh of relief as you do that one last thing will explode from your body – and all the tension will simply disappear – and as usual, you will be asking yourself that Big Question – why did I try to avoid that for so very long, since as usual it will be that the Big Dragon that you think it may be, is merely a Whimpering Mouse

go get ’em girl – saddle up – and remember that Katie Perry song Roar??? you are a champion, and we’re gonna hear you ROAR!!!!



what is the answer?

when you keep asking the question, you disallow the answer – Abraham-Hicks

I heard this tonight and it makes sense to me – they said it in a different way a few years back …and I loved the analogy they used ….

it went along the lines of – a man walks into a burger place and orders a burger, and pays for it. a minute later, he demands quite loudly that he wants a burger. Yes sir, we are filling your order now.

more loudly, he again demands his burger – and this goes on until eventually the staff call security to have the man taken away, as they feel it is unsafe for them and other customers

and all he really had to do was to wait a moment for the order to be filled and passed across the counter to him

instead of relaxing, knowing he has set things in motion to get what he really really wanted, he focused on the lack of the burger

and the more he focused on it, and the louder and more abusive he became, the less fun he was having, the less fun everyone was having …and all he had to do was wait a moment or two

ask, and it is given ….but you have to allow the answer to come to you, as if you had ordered it like a burger ….

I have asked a load of questions – and I am enjoying each answer as it arrives

ask …and it is given

no exceptions

you can’t get there from here …

if here is a place of not understanding the laws of attraction

if here is a place of thinking – I can never do ____ get ____ be_____

if here is a place of not having x, y, z

if here is a place of lack, of needing something else, something less

if here is a place of feeling uncomfortable

if here is a place of things~are~not~quite~okay

then you will never get there ……..

if there is a place of abundance

if there is a place of health, wealth, well-being, filled with whatever it is you are wanting

if there is the place that you really really really want to be ….

then you have to prepare here

and you can prepare here by focusing so much on how fabulous you are going to feel when you are there, when you have all that you want from there …when you have the job, the lover, the health, the wealth, the joy, the whatever that you currently do not ‘have’ …when you drench yourself in how you would feel to be there …and when here becomes such a good feeling space that you feel you can burst with the joy of it, that is when there comes over here ….

can it be that easy?

well, of course it can!

I am doing it every single moment of every single day

and never have I been so happy and fulfilled

and I am no different from you – or you – or you  ….

so join me in feeling good ….really really good – and here attracts there …

and I appreciate the Abraham Hicks work that inspires me to live my best life

I Am sailing …..

DSC_0019oh my word! since I decided that I do not need to live the rest of my life according to social conditioning, and that I Am allowed to make all my own rules, it is fascinating to watch how the universe conspires to make all my dreams a reality for me

recently I went to the harbour with my grandson – and the Mercyship was in dock. not open to public at that time, and we have missed the moment to go on board to explore it. young Ryan was fascinated to see the numerous Landrovers on board – his family love Landies …

as I looked at the ship, I considered for a brief second that it was something I could consider doing some time – not specifically volunteering on a Mercy ship ….I think it may cost quite a bit to be on board  (although I am not sure) just the idea of – I could sail across the sea and have another AddVenture ….. I love being on the sea and in the air – and one of the important aspects of my future life is travelling ….

today I went on a photoshoot with some friends. one of those friends is a sailor who delivers yachts to other parts of the world ….and he asked me if I wanted to help to as crew on a trip he is doing soon. I have already booked my flights to the UK, so am sadly having to say no to the possibility of sailing to Rio ..

but only for now. for this trip, it is no …..I have asked him to keep me in mind the next time he needs crew.

do you have any doubts about this? I don’t …….

addicted …to feeling happy

I love the Law of Attraction and even more, I love the Art of Allowing

(thanks to the wisdom of Abraham…via Esther Hicks …putting what I Know into words)

I have likened my choice of feeling happy every single moment of every single day to that of being an addict – I grew up with the mantra of Wednesdays Child is Full of Woe ….and boy, did I use that as an excuse for not feeling good about me – of course, parental influence agreed …typically you, they’d say – always Full of Woe…

a few of my friends and I were sitting on the harbour wall a few nights ago, and  I was (trying to) explain the faith that I have as my basis for me taking a Giant Leap of Faith and claiming a New Life AddVenture since the basis seems so nebulous to many ….far too ephemeral (it’s that aspect of it that thrills me to the core – it is so incredibly simple …)

one of the friends was once upon a time an alcoholic, and he shared how he was struggling to finish a song he was writing the day before and how he ‘knew’ for sure that a half-jack of rum would seal the deal …

so he chose to go to the mall to shop for food and got back home and chose to work in the garden, and predictably, the rest of the song wrote itself so easily

he made a good choice for his continued good health ….

I make a diligent choice every single moment of every single day. I choose to be happy.

it is incredibly easy, once you are addicted to it. when you see how well feeling good works, you will never again reach for the bottle of what-used-to-rule-my-life

I have happily released my old thinking and habits. I claim what is rightfully mine (you can claim yours, too…)

it is our birthright to feel great every single moment of the day – watch any newborn – they know ….

choose to be happy ….you will never go back…..DSC_0421

two minutes is all it takes …

I am setting off on my Great New AddVenture soon ..and in order for this to be as carefree as possible, I need to have someone care for my home and cat in my absence

there were a few folk I approached, because I know and trust them, but it is not always easy for someone to sleep in a new space for 77 nights. it takes a person with very little responsibility to do so.

as soon as I heard that my first choice and second choice were unavailable, I went to social media to put out the call. in doing so, I chatted with my offspring on the other side of the world, mentioning that my plan of action for today is to get the spare room cleared of everything extraneous so that it is ready well in advance (I have no problem with the tenant sleeping in my room – but the spare room is easier to clear at this point)

being the clever chick that my daughter is – she quoted from Field of Dreams …if I build it, they will come.

that resonated so well with me that I immediately posted on facebook that it is my new tagline – if I build it, they will come ….because that is what I am teaching by example now – using Source Energy / Spirit Most High/ The Universe / God (whichever particular box resonates with whoever reads this) as the guiding spirit of the Law of Attraction in my life

within two minutes …count the seconds …120 119 118 117 116 …..two minutes is all it took for me to get the most fabulous tenant. she is a well known personality in this country …and perhaps across the world in a small way ….and I will share her story with you if she agrees …

she popped up in private message saying – Ali!!!! I have not been on FB for three days and the first post I see is yours – and I finish my tour on 4 November …which just happens to be the day of my flight ….

two minutes

when you trust your Guiding Light, whatever you name it … when you trust to the degree that I do …and you stay focused on being happy 24/7 no matter what unfolds around you …it comes

as I build it, they come …..


Weekly Photo Challenge: signs

I started this blog in 2011 but only began using it this month. I Am using it as a way of recording how my Journey Through Life is unfolding – and a reminder of how beautifully the Law of Attraction works

decision time ….I want to click on the link to join the weekly photo challenge on wordpress and it brings up a dilemma – use this blog or create a new one for purely photographic stuff

if I use this blog, the challenge will be interspersed with my narrative. this may not appeal to other bloggers. so my brain started racing through many scenarios, and as usual I came up with a few different options and one final decision

this blog reflects me. all of me is a writer. all of me is a photographer. all of me is a mother, Nan, friend, cousin, niece, hard worker, life coach, networker, (only part of me is a gardener and home maker) …and to some degree or other, I guess this is true of possible/ prospective blog followers

those who want to see my images and those who want to read my words, will follow. those who do not – will not

so it is simple – this blog reflects me and I am a multidimensional character

I will add an image reflecting some signs …I will work out how to take part in this challenge, and I Am happy

there is nothing more important than happiness and joyDSC_0316