unknown doors

I talk about the Law of Attraction so much. It makes sense to me – as long as one bears in mind the Art of Allowing – which is the more important bit in my seldom humble opinion …

as soon as we send a message that we would like something in our lives – it lines up, ready to be delivered – it is like shopping on the internet without a lot of the paperwork and money – but just as you need to answer the door when the article you purchased is delivered – or download the book or music you bought – so you have some work to do in Allowing the Universe to deliver what it is that you desire ….

I subscribe to the notion that not all things should be delivered immediately. I would love to spend time with a giraffe in close quarters – thank you Universe for not delivering that the moment I think of it – I doubt said giraffe would be happy in, or even fit into, my home

I do subscribe to the notion that if I arrange to spend some time in a zoo or in the wilds in Africa, it is far more likely for my wish to come true….because then time and place is in perfect unison with my desires

I have chosen to take a leap into the unknown, putting all my faith into the law of Attraction, and heading to the other side of the world for some time ….in order to decide where it is I want to live out the rest of my life. I have some vague idea of how I can fund myself for a while – the rest is a mystery.

today, I woke up a little bit anxious about this move, and had a chat with my daughter who says that not only does her friend want me to come to stay with her for a week so she can show me around London, but that the person who owns the pub down the road is delighted to hear I am on my way north …and has offered to clear a spare room at the pub for me to stay in if I feel I am imposing too much on my daughters hospitality.

Doors open …doors I did not even know existed. That is how this all works ….I put myself into a space of allowing and totally trusting the process, and doors open.

I now know of two open doors that I did not know of this morning …..and it makes me wonder – how many other unknown doors are opening for me?

And …how many doors are opening for you, this very moment? doors that you did not know about?

Let go of anxiety – use your energy to get yourself feeling good – really really good – and see what happens …..


you may open the door to a new AddVenture ….


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