I love that we decide how we feel about things.

it is a powerful tool

and when we have forgotten that we own this tool, we wait for outside conditions to change before we can be happy

people, places, laws, situations, diseases

we allow those things to dictate how we feel

I believe that the greatest challenge in this lifetime is to feel good, no matter what is unfolding around us

I have a friend whose son has cancer – as the mother, she is constantly concerned about finding the best treatment possible for him.

in order to feel ‘better’ and supported, she has created a huge friendship base …she sends out bulk email updating us on Mr B’s progress. she has her days of feeling exhausted beyond belief ….and then she rests – she does what she needs to do to begin to feel good again…hopeful

Mr B, however …he is the one who is ‘ill’ …..he just wants to get on with being a normal 17 year old boy – and within the limitations of energy that the drugs and their side effects allow, doing what his friends do.

they go to school. they play. they dream about their futures. they build scale model cars and have races. he performs magic tricks- practices them, learning more all the time, dazzling people with his skill.

Mr B ‘gets it’ …..he knows about the gifts that come with serious contrast and challenges.

in pain 24/7 ..he does not allow the illness to dictate his mood.

he intends making every moment joyful …or as joyful as possible when he gets less than wonderful medical feedback, or when he knows a seizure is about to begin.

Mr B claims a happy life.

happy lives are made up of billions and trillions and squidzillions of moments of happiness and joy

and it is working well for him.

he is happy. underneath all the challenges this dis-ease brings, he underpins it all with joy

every single moment brings a chance for us to decide how we want to feel.

we may not love the situation we are in – we can, however, revel in the magnificence of our Being …..stepping fully into the amazing ‘creations’ that we are

we came here to shine and have fun.

learn from Mr B …. sit back for a few minutes and ponder what it would be like to be him.


I offer him to you as an example of the choices we can  make

we have the power. it lives within us. we choose

no matter the external conditions surrounding us

I know what I am choosing

what choice are you making?


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