two minutes is all it takes …

I am setting off on my Great New AddVenture soon ..and in order for this to be as carefree as possible, I need to have someone care for my home and cat in my absence

there were a few folk I approached, because I know and trust them, but it is not always easy for someone to sleep in a new space for 77 nights. it takes a person with very little responsibility to do so.

as soon as I heard that my first choice and second choice were unavailable, I went to social media to put out the call. in doing so, I chatted with my offspring on the other side of the world, mentioning that my plan of action for today is to get the spare room cleared of everything extraneous so that it is ready well in advance (I have no problem with the tenant sleeping in my room – but the spare room is easier to clear at this point)

being the clever chick that my daughter is – she quoted from Field of Dreams …if I build it, they will come.

that resonated so well with me that I immediately posted on facebook that it is my new tagline – if I build it, they will come ….because that is what I am teaching by example now – using Source Energy / Spirit Most High/ The Universe / God (whichever particular box resonates with whoever reads this) as the guiding spirit of the Law of Attraction in my life

within two minutes …count the seconds …120 119 118 117 116 …..two minutes is all it took for me to get the most fabulous tenant. she is a well known personality in this country …and perhaps across the world in a small way ….and I will share her story with you if she agrees …

she popped up in private message saying – Ali!!!! I have not been on FB for three days and the first post I see is yours – and I finish my tour on 4 November …which just happens to be the day of my flight ….

two minutes

when you trust your Guiding Light, whatever you name it … when you trust to the degree that I do …and you stay focused on being happy 24/7 no matter what unfolds around you …it comes

as I build it, they come …..



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