addicted …to feeling happy

I love the Law of Attraction and even more, I love the Art of Allowing

(thanks to the wisdom of Abraham…via Esther Hicks …putting what I Know into words)

I have likened my choice of feeling happy every single moment of every single day to that of being an addict – I grew up with the mantra of Wednesdays Child is Full of Woe ….and boy, did I use that as an excuse for not feeling good about me – of course, parental influence agreed …typically you, they’d say – always Full of Woe…

a few of my friends and I were sitting on the harbour wall a few nights ago, and  I was (trying to) explain the faith that I have as my basis for me taking a Giant Leap of Faith and claiming a New Life AddVenture since the basis seems so nebulous to many ….far too ephemeral (it’s that aspect of it that thrills me to the core – it is so incredibly simple …)

one of the friends was once upon a time an alcoholic, and he shared how he was struggling to finish a song he was writing the day before and how he ‘knew’ for sure that a half-jack of rum would seal the deal …

so he chose to go to the mall to shop for food and got back home and chose to work in the garden, and predictably, the rest of the song wrote itself so easily

he made a good choice for his continued good health ….

I make a diligent choice every single moment of every single day. I choose to be happy.

it is incredibly easy, once you are addicted to it. when you see how well feeling good works, you will never again reach for the bottle of what-used-to-rule-my-life

I have happily released my old thinking and habits. I claim what is rightfully mine (you can claim yours, too…)

it is our birthright to feel great every single moment of the day – watch any newborn – they know ….

choose to be happy ….you will never go back…..DSC_0421


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