I Am sailing …..

DSC_0019oh my word! since I decided that I do not need to live the rest of my life according to social conditioning, and that I Am allowed to make all my own rules, it is fascinating to watch how the universe conspires to make all my dreams a reality for me

recently I went to the harbour with my grandson – and the Mercyship was in dock. not open to public at that time, and we have missed the moment to go on board to explore it. young Ryan was fascinated to see the numerous Landrovers on board – his family love Landies …

as I looked at the ship, I considered for a brief second that it was something I could consider doing some time – not specifically volunteering on a Mercy ship ….I think it may cost quite a bit to be on boardĀ  (although I am not sure) just the idea of – I could sail across the sea and have another AddVenture ….. I love being on the sea and in the air – and one of the important aspects of my future life is travelling ….

today I went on a photoshoot with some friends. one of those friends is a sailor who delivers yachts to other parts of the world ….and he asked me if I wanted to help to as crew on a trip he is doing soon. I have already booked my flights to the UK, so am sadly having to say no to the possibility of sailing to Rio ..

but only for now. for this trip, it is no …..I have asked him to keep me in mind the next time he needs crew.

do you have any doubts about this? I don’t …….


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