what is the answer?

when you keep asking the question, you disallow the answer – Abraham-Hicks

I heard this tonight and it makes sense to me – they said it in a different way a few years back …and I loved the analogy they used ….

it went along the lines of – a man walks into a burger place and orders a burger, and pays for it. a minute later, he demands quite loudly that he wants a burger. Yes sir, we are filling your order now.

more loudly, he again demands his burger – and this goes on until eventually the staff call security to have the man taken away, as they feel it is unsafe for them and other customers

and all he really had to do was to wait a moment for the order to be filled and passed across the counter to him

instead of relaxing, knowing he has set things in motion to get what he really really wanted, he focused on the lack of the burger

and the more he focused on it, and the louder and more abusive he became, the less fun he was having, the less fun everyone was having …and all he had to do was wait a moment or two

ask, and it is given ….but you have to allow the answer to come to you, as if you had ordered it like a burger ….

I have asked a load of questions – and I am enjoying each answer as it arrives

ask …and it is given

no exceptions


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