October Horoscope : read by Ali for Ali

Oh Ali – this is such an exciting month ahead for you. My word, how on Earth did you dream up such a sizzling experience? the northern hemisphere experiences a solar eclipse this month, and it is as if they are trying to shield themselves from the glowing light that emerges from you! you are dazzling the world so much that the Universe has engineered an extra moment of darkness to balance out your glow!

some things may seem like they will flow easily and quickly. however, although it will all flow easily  – the quickly may be the challenge for you. remember that time is not linear – it is a man-made construct, and things may move at a speed that for you may not seem optimum. but rest assured – all of it – every single second of it, will be infused with so much fun that it will like an orange that is bursting with juice and flavour – simply delicious.

did you know that you are going to succeed with that project you have worked on for so many years – it is time for it to come to fruition. and the sigh of relief as you do that one last thing will explode from your body – and all the tension will simply disappear – and as usual, you will be asking yourself that Big Question – why did I try to avoid that for so very long, since as usual it will be that the Big Dragon that you think it may be, is merely a Whimpering Mouse

go get ’em girl – saddle up – and remember that Katie Perry song Roar??? you are a champion, and we’re gonna hear you ROAR!!!!



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