oh my hat! and other nonsense sayings ….

Oh my hat, oh my word and oh my giddy aunt! I regularly use these phrases to register astonishment or excitement.

so here goes – Oh my word! how on earth did seven weeks disappear so quickly since last I blogged? it is a fact that has taken me by surprise. I always have these great intentions of sticking to a format or a formula that works for me – and then life happens

oh my giddy aunt! how am I going to deal with all the emotions that are running rampant through me? surely my giddy aunt will know, because for sure I have absolutely no idea! I took this Great Big Leap into The Unknown ….and what I have discovered first and foremost is that I came with me! All my baggage and preconceived notions and ideas of How I Want Things To Be ….they all jumped into my luggage and flew the six thousand miles to be with me. They knew I would get lonely without them – and how can I move forward until I deal with each one individually?

slowly but surely, I am confronting them and perhaps sending them packing, or moulding them to the way that works well for me. they are being relatively compliant, thankfully, although now and then one gets hold of my ankle and is not too keen to let go ~sigh~

this blog was meant to be about nonsense phrases ….but I am guessing that one of my PreConceived Notions has escaped and is rabbiting away inside my head until I take heed, listen, explore and deal with the issue

I think the Old Idea of Working Hard to Get On In Life is the one that is finding me restless at present. It is a habit that is hard to shake – and shake it I must …in order for me to enjoy the rest of my life. I want to Work Smart …not hard! I have done the Hard Work already – it is time, surely (?) to find the way to the I Can Support MySelf With Ease story. That is one of the PreConceived Notions that will be most welcome.

seems like it may be time to unpack some of the Old, turf it out and make space for the New ….

wish me luck as I wave the Old goodbye …cheerio, here I go, on my way ….

okay – you do not have to sing along – just wish me luck! thank you – I love you