validation is free

if you know me, you know how much I love words. friends persuaded me to play a real time word game on the internet, so that we can chat and play as if we are together, despite the thousands of miles that separate us

at first, I resisted. such pastimes can be addictive. my history shows, however, that I am able to break the bonds of addictions (viz. chocolate, soft drinks,other electronic games and using capital letters at the start of sentences)

so I logged on, joined in and started playing ….and oh my word (pardon the pun) I began to learn so much about me and the world

firstly, I am schooled in the art of speaking English. not American. and certainly not Ingrish.

in my world, za is not a word. ZA indicates South Africa. it is not a pizza. how idle can one possibly be, thinking that one small word like pizza is too long?

fessed is not a word. confessed is.

frape is seemingly a word, stemming from joining the words facebook and rape. in my world you can use the words rape, rapes, raped and many other versions of the word …but in this game, frape is a word – but not frapes. or fraped.

the inconsistency of the rules could make my hair grey, but that ship has sailed!

so I learn about words or what others believe are words. I learn to play that game so that I can get bigger scores, because despite thinking that I can ignore the score and play for the fun of it – there is a Competitor Inside ….and that version of me Has To Win! even if I have to use za as a word.

this is good. I learn that not only can I get high scores by using what may be considered to be odd words – like noetic, or anoetic (and for the record – they are real words despite being underlined in red as I type), but I can also get high scores by playing What Others Use As Words. it is a win-win situation

another aspect of the game is that one can validate a word before posting it. this is helpful. do I spell the word colate (no) or collate (yes)? this is very helpful when I a create a word that surely does not exist in my world, but may exist in the World of Strange Words.

the sneaky part of this validation, though, is that you have to pay for it. each day I get issued a few points towards it – and when I get to zero I stop checking, or playing.

there is a facility for buying (with real money) some more points if I need it (thanks for the very kind offer, but do I really look like an idiot?)

validation should cost nothing. and I am talking about validation in real life. for me to validate you in some way costs me nothing
you are lovely. you have great ideas. I love your smile. you radiate joy

saying things that helps you to feel that your presence, your talents, your contributions to this world. are meaningful, can never cost me anything.

when I remember to validate others (I am a bit slack in this department, but at least I acknowledge the shortcoming in me) it costs me nothing.

if I could remember how good it makes me feel to see or hear you enjoy the validation, then I would do it all day long, with everyone. it is such a feel-good thing for me to do – for anyone to do.

validation is free. send no dollars. just open your heart and your mouth and say what you see in others.

and I fess …there are times that I love za, homie