it is said that for good emotional, mental and physical well-being, one should have a certain number of hugs per day. well, I am screwed! I am about 20,649,523 hugs in arrears.

Enter WildChild ….my fabricated solution to what seemed to be an insoluble challenge for me …what to say about a toy teddy who crept into my life, to be my companion when at the age of 20 (add a few decades if you want this to have a ring of truth) I turned my life upside down and inside out?

not for one moment am I going to suggest that she cares, or sidles up to me to issue hugs on a daily basis – she is a teddy bear, for goodness sake

but it is rather delightful to see her lying on the bed, or sitting in my car, as we go from pillar to post

and bed to bed

which makes this all sound rather fun and exciting

it is interesting, this life I am living right now

I have bravely (or indeed, incredibly stupidly) decided that I can be a carer for vulnerable adults in the UK …

what’s that you say? you know a place where I can get my head read? yay – lead on, MacDuff ….

the up side of this choice is that currently, I have no home. It is also the down side …

having no home means that my overhead costs are greatly reduced. I have a car, so insurance and petrol have to be considered.

I have a phone and a wifi router ..so a few costs in that department

other than that, no major costs (well, chocolates …ice cream ….that sort of thing …they cost money) the joy of having investments and no debts cannot be fully described

I have a safe haven in a friends home when I am not working. When I am contracted to do live-in care, I am housed and fed and paid (well, underpaid, really), in exchange for the work I am trained to offer ….

which generally means, I have cash to spend on fun, and I am my own boss and I am discovering that I am an incredibly generous boss as far as holiday time is concerned


It’s possible that I will share some of the interesting times we have had in the short time WildChild has been with me ….for instance, trips on a narrow boat on a canal, her refusal to leave the car for two whole weeks because of …well …wait and find out ….DSC_0103






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