I took a Giant Leap last year to the other side of the World … with the very vaguest of ideas of what to do and where to go and how to support myself

It is something that I felt I had to do – part of the journey for this particular lifetime. I am very glad I did. I sometimes yearn for people who are many miles away, and occasionally I feel a twinge of sadness that many familiar things are either permanently gone from my life, or too far away for me to enjoy them. Sights, sounds, smells know the score

The huge change was my endeavour to prove to myself that I can earn enough money to support myself as a fully independent person

I thrust myself into an AddVenture that would generate income and also give me as much freedom as I wanted within some financial parameters

……..and then it began to dawn on me – I am never going to be independent. It is not possible. I am always going to be interdependent on others, because (and I am the loudest at preaching this …) there is merely an illusion of separation. we are all in this together.

people pay me to do things – they got that money from their hard work or from inheritances or whatever. I have investments because of the hard work of myself, my parents and others. I worked hard for my bosses for decades, and they paid me from cash they generated from their expertise AND my work in ensuring that they got paid for it….everything is interconnected

we are none of us independent. each one of us has skills or money or experiences or understandings that we gathered along our way, from a myriad of sources

clearly the lesson I have to learn on this AddVenture is not about being independent. It is far more to do with me learning about interdependence, and finding the role that works best for me.It is about finding the most enjoyable way through this maze of life.

I am acutely aware that there is still an imbalance in my life – I am still underselling myself, undervaluing my worth, and each time I notice it, I applaud myself for taking note and doing my best to rectify it.

Will I ever discover my true worth? will I ever sing the song I came here to sing? I certainly hope so, otherwise this is such a silly waste ….DSC_0230


lets sing together ………..






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