WildChild-less AddVenture

yes, WildChild usually joins in when I am having fun – but today, she was left up in the bedroom while I was working

I have been with this client for ten days or so – and another ten to go. I really like her, and her home, so I feel very comfortable and relaxed here

it is a lovely large home on large grounds, relatively rural although it is in a village

the garden is the typical English Country Garden …or at least, it is the image that comes to my mind when I hear the phrase. old established trees, loads of flowering bushes and shrubs and splashes of colour everywhere

…and a manicured lawn ….

which is luscious and soft and so unlike the grass I grew up with …

the magical part that led to my AddVenture is that the grounds are on a slope, and for days I have been looking at the lawn in the back garden and wondering whether I am brave enough to attempt to roll down the hill, just as I did a couple (well, perhaps more than a couple) of decades ago

I am pleased to report that I Am brave enough ….although, when I was young, I didn’t need to remove my specs before I played …

WildChild is so proud of me – and is delighted to report that it only takes one or two turns before I get dizzy!

I shared the info on face book …and people questioned the veracity of my story …I may need to record it next time ….watch this space …

…..who knows what I will post next time ….


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