it is precious to me

when I started this somewhat crazy new life, I knew I had to do 10 weeks of work within 12 weeks to avoid having to pay for the training. to cut a long story short, I did 10 weeks and 2 days in one go without a break. not my original choice, but life happens

seventy two days. 24 / 7 ….some criminals get less time than that …

at one point, I was about an hours drive away from my daughter – and bless her little cotton socks, she re-arranged her working hours and headed south to see me. I told her I would be in the coffee shop, having a leisurely breakfast

oh dear. when she arrived and I saw her lovely face, I burst into tears and couldn’t stop!

I had been placed with clients within two days of ending my training, and this was about week four ..I was tired and exhausted and stressed and all this after having given up my home, leaving all my other loved ones and my country behind a mere few weeks before. and once the floodgates opened, there was no closing them!

the waiter was startled at how many paper napkins I was using – I kept ordering more tea and napkins …..Noah would have been proud of my attempt to flood the world

however, needs must, and a smile was slapped onto my dial, and off I went – wishing I didn’t have to wave goodbye. I deliberately didn’t. that was just too tough, seeing her drive away….

at that stage, I was due to see her in a couple of weeks – I didn’t know then that I would agree to a full ten and a half weeks

…and now, with three-week gigs, I am struggling.

I have spent some time mulling things over in my head. why are 21 days tough when I know I can do 72? one thing that stands out as different, is that the bulk of the long haul was spent in two-carer positions. I had a fellow ‘sufferer’ alongside me. I am currently working alone and this difference has helped me to understand what unsettles me

it is this…what makes me happy and sustains me is having one on one chats. those times when one drinks cups of tea and makes sense of this funny old world.  and I miss this. a lot. it is precious to me. it’s always more precious when it is with a heart friend, but as I get to know each carer in turn, they find a spot in my heart ….

it helps me to know what makes me happy and what constitutes a stretch.

I deeply appreciate my time with loved ones

those hours of chatter …they are precious to meDSC_0529

























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