the shape I am in …

I never thought I would see the day when I would know, really know, that I am worthy of appreciation and love. It feels real good to know this now, right to the core of me

it seemed like an insurmountable task, this loving me. oh god, I used to cringe if anyone complimented me. either I would not believe them or I would deflect the comment elsewhere ….oh, my hair is so mousy brown, this is such an old dress, I hate my freckles, they make me look silly …and oh my word, how many times I wished I was shorter, taller. slinkier, sexier …if any younger person reads this and is playing this sort of game – get over that habit right now – ¬†– get over it as soon as you can – life is way too short to stress about size and shape …

walk through any forest or woods – are you prejudiced against tall trees, leaning trees, short, squat trees, ones with round leaves, sharp needles? probably not – they are just trees, aren’t they?

we have to be like that with humans too. yes, I know that someone will say, but trees don’t murder each other, or sing with bad voices, or have acne! okay then – have your moment of argument – but leave me out of it please. I am writing this for me – and for anyone else who cares to read it. writing is my therapy. I understand myself better when I put things into words. putting it into public domain on a blog is possibly not essential, but I know that before I publish it, I preview it and edit it – so I get to play with and tweak my thinking before I press SHARE ….I get to see it the way others will see it …and it makes me think – also one of my favourite things to do

the shape I am in is perfect. the shape you are in is perfect. it may not be precisely how we want to be – we can get kinda lazy about our diet and our exercise regime (I admit to it …) but as humans, we are perfectly right for our journey

let us be kinder to others and ourselves. it takes almost no effort once it is an ingrained habit. letting go of judgement can be a challenge – so begin with the person most important to your life, your very own Self

do it …you are worth it ..and I love the shape you are in………dscf7811


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