oh my word

I related a dream to a friend who understands how to extract the message the dream holds. She asked me to describe the attributes of the person who helped me in my dream. I answered…

A couple of days later, a friend posed a question on social media – what three words describe me? I answered …

It didn’t take me long to see the correlation / connection between the two – when I answered the dream question, as I was typing my response, I became aware that the words I was using to describe my helper, were my own attributes.

Same thing happened when I responded to Mary’s question. The three words I chose described me too …(she sneakily added to the question that there was a hidden agenda in posing the question ..I think I know what that is ….it is going to come pinging back at the respondents.)

We see in others a reflection of ourselves. Often it is lovely. Other times we wonder how that other person can be so (________________) fill in the gap …negative, nasty, mean …whatever …it is also our reflection. That is a less than lovely feeling. But if we are awake and aware to the power of the words we use, and the way we relate to others, then it can inspire us to be better ….

Thank you, Susie and Mary, for the part you played in my life this week. Thank you for helping me become aware. I thank me too – I am appreciative of my willingness to constantly reflect on Who I Am and how I Am in this world ….