my desire

a few minutes ago, I published a piece about finding my path, and as I read it, I became aware of a deep desire within me to be the leader …

I want to be at the forefront – I want to stand and be counted ….I am so grateful that right this red hot minute, there is a new beginning within my Soul –

I don’t have a clue what this means – but suddenly …it’s there – whatever it is and wherever there is …two simple words – and yet I cannot explain them – it’s there

the path I seek is making itself known consciously …I am grateful ….


finding the path

I know I am a leader …and I know I do lead, but more often than not, I follow. Certainly when it comes to long distance hikes or runs …or even a wander through the city – I am always at the back –  from having always believed that I was slower and never as fit as others and then used the excuse that I didn’t want to hold anyone up …you lead, I’ll follow

I am getting the very real sense that this attitude is not standing me in good stead as far as my life and career is concerned, so something needs to change

I have been told during readings …aura, tarot card, angelic messenger cards, astrological charts…you name it, I have experienced it …. you are the leader, you carve the path …and still .. I follow

This is a habit that serves me not! I set the intention a few days back, that I was from that moment, going to work with intention and not from habit. To this end, I have taken some steps to heal my body, which is not exactly unhealthy – I don’t need medication …but functionally, my feet are not optimum. There is a glitch in there somewhere, and thank you Universe, it is beginning to heal

I see the connection – not finding my path …and having feet that haven’t wanted to take many steps of late …

This is changing. Daily my feet are working better – and I trust that shortly, I will be able to take as many steps as I wish to – in any direction – fully supported – eager to keep moving

How this relates to my career path, I am not sure – but the symbolism is there. I also keep stumbling (pardon the pun) across articles that I wrote in the past. Mostly they show up on my On This Day section of Facebook. Which makes sense since almost everything I ever owned is now in the arms of others, many thousands of miles away…there is not much of my older stuff to stumble across in this part of the world unless it is stored on the internet …

At the moment, I am no further forward (consciously) of where my path is taking me – but I do know a few things – Number one – it is my path – no-one else has trod it – I am the Pioneer – Number two – the path is not self evident – it is made up of one step at a time – leading to who knows where …..(which suddenly brings me to thinking that I need some sort of plan – will chat with a life coach to clarify that thinking ..)

I embrace the day when all this confusion is in the past. I know the value of writing now, having discovered how much of it has been supporting me of late, so I know that it’s a valuable way to spend some time

Onward and upward – to infinity and beyond – outside of limitations – that’s where you’ll find me ….

are you coming with me? I am the leader, though …we’ll be fellow travellers …we’ll share a load – but I cannot follow …not all the time, anyway ….

let’s go – let’s see what the world is offering – and I know it is going to be fun – it already is …I am stepping into it