its a new day ..

hold onto your hats – I have set a goal! okay – stop laughing – we all know that I only ever had one real goal in life and that unfolded gracefully and then disintegrated.

however, it’s time to put that behind me and get on with what Is ….and I am lead to believe that if I write a couple of pages a day, I will slowly stop being superficial and begin to get real with myself.

since this is all about me, I shall not share it on FB as usual – however – if you stumble across it – it may be that there is something for you to learn …or important for you to share your thinking with me …go ahead – have fun

many’s the time I have declared that I am done with courses – I attended so many self improvement and metaphysical teaching courses that I am all coursed out! I did do a course recently, a healing modality course, which appealed to me as a possible future cash generator …yes, I know, I should be thinking of helping people to heal and not looking at the money aspect of it but …I want to earn, I want to be there holding the sacred space while another heals him or herself ….and I also wanted .. (I see the past tense of it) I wanted to become a facilitator in the modality and perhaps do some teaching across the globe …which sounds grandiose but I did live elsewhere for 61 years so its more a case of teaching at home – both homes …

and now a new idea is emerging. not before time. I want to teach – that is my hearts desire – I love nothing more than seeing the lights come on in someones eyes – to watch them exploring their new understanding of life or how things can unfold for them, or how suddenly they are energised and revitalised – I want that – I want to be a part of this big picture of healing and teaching

often, I had thought of writing – although I have said that there is not a book inside me waiting to be written – but what I if I am wrong – what if this is the start of it all. I shared with a friend that I want to be a teacher – and yet I have no idea what my specialist subject would be – she roared with laughter, explaining that I am already a teacher of Life …. and somewhere inside me there is a nugget jumping up and down, trying to get more of my attention – saying – THIS IS IT, chicken – this is how you teach about life

I want to add here too – because I know I will come back to read this soon …. I shared with a Wise Woman that it made me uneasy that each time I responded to others stories on facebook and in real life, when they shared, I would respond by saying – yes, I understand because x y or z happened to me and this is how I felt about it – and this is what I believe about it yada yada yada and I don’t like this aspect of me ..always talking about my experience …and she had two comments. Number one – I am an Aries, so everything is always about me – we are first on the list of the Astro signs …for good reason …we are leaders …for good reason…so I will discover that I will always bring the story back to me. However – comment two – we teach best from our own experience and it is empathetic to relate their story to something I have experienced or felt. Seemingly, it often empowers the other when they realise that I do understand how they feel because I have been there and I am proof that we come out the other end of whatever washing / rinsing / tumbling cycle we have been in …

I am excited by the idea of writing – of course, in my head, I am already travelling the globe, signing my books for my fans … and what if that is what unfolds – wouldn’t that be the most wonderful thing ever?

Dream it …do it …enjoy it

my new motto ……


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