on writing

can I call myself a writer? I do write. this blog for instance. and another one. sporadically. there may come a day when I write a book – who knows? if ever I come across a subject I deem myself expert on, or a great plot for a novel, then perhaps I will.

as a young child, I loved corresponding with family on the other side of the world. the chance to share information – and the more I wrote, the more replies I got. it was thrilling. the electronic age has wiped out a lot of that sort of communication, but has opened up the world of instant stuff. I love it.

I love the process of taking thoughts, putting it onto the laptop in words, editing it, reframing it, rephrasing it, moulding it to say what I want

and the fabulous offshoot is that I refine my thinking at the same time. I get to question my assertions. is that really true? is that what I really wanted to say? how will these words be perceived by others if ever they are stumbled upon?

do they reflect the real me. my truth? do I mind that my words may be judged?

and as I pose these questions, I get to think about them. I am inspired to re-read my words, and mostly to ensure that each one resonates well with me – and gets my message across. even if I am the only reader.

often, my writing from years back have helped me immensely and then I wonder – are those really my words? was I that wise? and thank goodness I wrote them because I really needed to read them right this red hot minute!

each year, I buy a diary. each year, it is abandoned within weeks. by about June, I wonder if I should try keeping track of things again, because very soon, the new diaries will be out for the following year and how do I justify buying a new one when this one is still  pretty much pristine

clearly, a hand written diary is not my medium. this works for me – the ability to publish my thoughts within minutes of writing them. and being able to easily access them when I need some inspiration, either for an situation I am facing, or to remind myself how much I enjoy the process

since I see the benefits of my writing, I will continue. and one day I will find a way to write that hopefully excludes the word I. for now, I remain – I this, I that, I I I …because this is about me and finding my way forward. and because writing helps me to do that


I am a writer



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