on dreaming

I re-read my last post – which mentioned my dream of being a healer or teacher – and it struck me, based on what I came into this room to say today, that I have never believed my dreams can come true. I have certainly had some fabulously wonderful things happen to me in my life – endless support, emotionally, physically, financially – but I never viewed these blessings as dreams coming true

I have abandoned my dreams because I never believed they could manifest.

that is one of the saddest lines I have ever written about myself

and I dream that I will never have to say it again

from this moment, I have changed. I am no longer the person who wrote those lines a few minutes ago

I have every right to dream

I have every right to have my dreams be made manifest

I claim these rights

I am allowed to imagine that I will own my own home again. I am allowed to visualise my dream home, my dream car, my dream life AND I am also allowed to let them in, work towards them

I am also allowed to create the vision of it all and not care how it comes about – not get drawn down into the process of it, the nitty-gritty details. I do not have to know, right this moment, how it will happen

but unless I hold the vision, how can I ever see it in reality?

first, I have to see it inside – and then I will recognise it when it bounds into my life – and bound it certainly will. I have faith in it – I have a faith in me that I have been denying for too long

if it is to be – it is up to me …and whoever else comes along for the ride and sees a similar vision for himself or herself or themselves. I have no need to let it be me and me alone. together we’re stronger and more able. intelligent collaboration is part of the big plan for me

oh gosh – what a moment it was, twenty minutes ago, when a friends text spurred my thinking. she is living a tough existence right now, underpaid, overworked, unappreciated and she says it is worth it because she has a dream

thank you Bern, because of you, I am dreaming again

because I can

and because it will blow everyone’s socks off when it unfolds – and I love to see those ‘how the hell did you do THAT?’ look on peoples faces

bring it on Universe – I am way past ready for this

let’s do it



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