on limitations

argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours!

one of my favourite lines in Illusions written by Richard Bach.

honestly, pretty much every line in that book is my favourite. I got the book in 1979 and I think I have read it once or twice each year since then. and I shall continue to read it, because I find it so inspirational, and it was the book that changed my life in some way. it awoke me to what I had always known deep inside but had never explored or verbalised. I was raised in a situation that tended towards superficiality. my parents loved and cared deeply about many things and many people, but we skimmed over anything with depth. we argued for our limitations, and sure enough …..

as the years plod along, there is part of me that is buying into the idea of age. old age. age that limits one physically and mentally. it is not true, but oh my goodness, it is part of a huge mass consciousness that is a challenge to disregard

earlier, I was trying rather inexpertly to cut back a lot of overhanging growth that surrounds the entrance path to the house. it makes me feel unwelcome when I get out of my car and leaves me feeling that I have to duck my head on the way onto the property. it limits me. it limits my sense of expansiveness and space in which to grow and breathe freely

of course, it doesn’t really do that. I just feel that way. it doesn’t seem to bother others who approach the house, so perhaps I could learn to ignore it. or I can find the unlimited part of me that can deal with it – either physically or mentally

how I wished I was the stronger, more adept me from my past. the younger me who was more fearless. the one who would have climbed the ladder and wielded the saw. the bravado that comes with a youthful body is magnificent. I like to think that I restrain myself from a sense of wisdom, knowing what the consequences of falling off the ladder could mean in the long term. but that is not the truth. it is not the wisdom that holds me back. it is a myriad of limiting beliefs that I hold, and I sincerely trust that I can rid myself of them

I know that I believe that I have some limitations.

not only physical.

not only mental.

not only emotional.

I also know that every single limitation I can dream up has an unlimited counterpart. I can employ others to do what I cannot physically do. I can continue to get fitter and more flexible and more capable. and I can stop being concerned about the choices I am making based on my currently less able body. I can pat myself on the back for even attempting to fix the problem. I can remind myself of how many things I can manage without batting an eyelid. I can bear in mind that not everyone on the planet has the same skill set, and my particular skillset is unique, and I can list a thousand things that I can do

my most limiting belief has been that ‘if it is to be – it is up to me’

I took that literally!

the sentence, for me, is not complete until I can say – if it is to be, it is up to me (and perhaps others with their resources, too) to find the way to make it happen…


together, we do it



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