I am …changing my story

You were about to be blessed with a sad tale of how frustrated I feel …about a few things, but very important things, life changing things …..but


it cannot be my story forever – and the more attention I give to these things, the worse they seem

so I shall share with you some of the things that are working well for me

I am relatively healthy. I take no chronic medication as many of my peers do

I am dealing with my level of fitness. I have joined a gym and am currently only joining in the aqua classes, but it is a start and I am proud of the effort I am making

I am always willing to learn new things. currently I am signing up for some alternative health practice training and also courses that will improve my photography – there is much room for improvement!

I am kind and generous. I see kindness and generosity in others and as many of us know, if you’ve got it, you spot it

I am in awe of how much I have faced in the past few years. I am also looking forward to feeling the healing of all those wounds. the healing is happening, slowly but surely – heard about the tortoise and the hare? slowly can still be a winner

I am in love with my nearest and dearest. very much so. I literally do give them as much as I can, perhaps too much at times, but I am okay with that. too much is a judgment call, and who needs those?

I am aware (which is a good thing, right?) of how my hesitance about some things holds me back. and since I am aware of it, I can change it. I can dig deep and find the courage to face things, so the awareness and being awake to the stumbling block will help me to overcome it


every day, in every way, things are going better and better

always look on the bright side of life

the glass is half full – with stuff – and half empty – with life giving oxygen ….so it’s all good in my glass

I came to the room to heal the room …there is nothing else

I came to the planet for a reason, and whether I am aware of it or not, I guess I am doing okay. No-one told me it would be easy. No-one told me it would be difficult. It all just is ….

if things were meant to be different, they would be.

and when things are different, when things are the way I truly pray they will be, when things feels more at peace in my soul, I am not going to have more fun….fun is a distraction from peace and tranquility of the soul. all that will change is the sense of peace when I awake each morning …

all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well ….



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