off the track

DSC_0050I wrote a bit about being off track recently – and then I went on a ten day doggy-sitting gig for a friend, which entailed driving 100 miles to her home

I have driven the route enough times to be confident about not using my satnav, but I still turn it on because it gives me an idea of how much further to go and arrival time. I have a state of the art Garmin which all but tells me what I had for breakfast today, but out of laziness I chose to use the one fitted in the car. It is a tad out of date, so it regularly encourages me to go down roads that no longer exist – many are being pedestrianised in the town centres, but I am too lazy to update it …

I was trundling home heading North along the A11, which was widened a couple of years back. Eventually I got to the newer part of the road where my satnav went into a tizzy and begged me to get out of the forest and back onto a real road – I swear I heard it telling me that it warns me about this every time we do the trip!

Obviously, that is merely my overactive imagination. You guessed? ha, you know me well.

The confusion my technology had with my car driving through what was once a piece of Thetford Forest got me thinking about what we see, what we believe, what is true, what is illusion

I was perfectly safe, driving along a perfectly lovely piece of road, but because the car system is outdated, it got confused

perhaps we all need to look at what is guiding us. are we sometimes being led astray by old information, outdated thinking? I know I am – I put my hand up to that – but I also know that now that I am aware of it, I shall be checking on how I view my instincts

are my instincts and reactions up to date with me and the rest of the world, or are they running an old programme?

I firmly, utterly and entirely believe in going with my gut instinct, but laziness may have contributed to some of them being off-kilter. They are now on a 20 minute warning – get up to speed! because outdated info is never going to serve anyone

I wish you luck with your guidance system – mine is getting overhauled as we speak …..


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