on energy and unseen stuff

I agreed to attend a demonstration of clairvoyance at the local pub. anyone who knows me well, will know that for a large part of my life I was a member of a Spiritualist Church, so there was none of the thrill and trepidation my friend was experiencing. she has recently been widowed and I think she was kinda hoping ……

earlier in the day, while floating in a warm pool at gym, I pondered on my reason for agreeing to attend. yes, I wanted to be a good friend, so I had said yes to the idea. I am also new to the area and I thought it would be good to meet the gent, as I have not yet met anyone nearby who works in the energy realm in the way that I resonate with and need to begin making some connections with like minded people

eventually I set the intention that since I did not need validation of life after death (been there, done that, got 38 Tshirts) what I did want to get, if he connected with me, is validation of me..on the planet…my journey…my path

an aside : I am Aries …this is my blog …and it will always be about me – which I used to think was rude or self centred but I now applaud myself for constantly looking at Who I Am, how I Am Being …and adjusting where necessary

well, of course the man spoke to me – it was pretty inevitable. he went through some info relating to mum and dad …and if I were cynical, I would say it was fairly generic – and yes, I offered info but only enough to try to extract more from the reading

and then he moved on to me …the part I was really interested in – and his feedback is that I carry a pure clear healing energy …and asked if I sit in a circle. I explained that I am new to the area and he agreed to put me in touch with a local circle. it will be great to meet people with similar understandings of life as I hold ….or not …

he also made it clear that I need to communicate better …suggested that I get a lapis lazuli stone …blue is the communication chakra …

this all made sense to me. for good reason I have been avoiding social media, and yet it is this medium that allows me to speak more freely than I get the chance to in real life. I have things to say, and not a big or close circle of friends in this part of the world yet who are ready or willing to listen. I see things in my own unique way, and I have yearned for a place to express myself …social media allows me this privilege 24/7

avoiding facebook and the like has been tough – not being able to express myself and to keep all my thoughts bottled up was not serving me in any way – other than to leave me feeling a tad impotent and invisible ….I have a voice – I am supposed to use it!

so, all in all a good evening ….I was delighted that someone could see what I know about myself and he has the resources that I can share ….

and then he mentioned a mans name …and I searched my memory banks for someone with that name….and then I did the Macauley Culkin thing in home alone – clapped my hands to my cheeks and my jaw dropped open ..oh my word ….yes I know that name …his funeral was held about 6 hours prior to meeting – I had chosen not to go to this beautiful mans funeral because of the distance, time and costs involved – I had been to see him in hospice a few hours before he died and I felt complete in my goodbye ….I didnt need to be at the public event – being the man he was, I knew that hundreds would turn up

bottom line – with that last bit I knew I could totally trust this man and his reading – I had already known this ….I respond to my gut feel every time ….but bringing up Fireman T in the last few moments sealed the evening for me ….


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