on complexities of life

Growing up, I never knew that I was a philosopher or deep thinker. in fact, much of my life was spent with me believing I was a tad bubble-headed and certainly under educated (and there is part of me that questions this statement, because I was certainly trained to do as I was told and keep quiet and that my opinion did not matter, and yet deep inside I knew for sure how important my thoughts were …are ….perhaps I merely played the game I was ‘supposed’ to play- I was taught to play small)

but I have come to discover that education is more associated with book learning – and I had enough of that at school. I also believed that I had to understand politics and business and finances and mechanical things and that since I didn’t, I was clearly an uneducated creature. and of course, my opinion on most subjects would be poorly thought out – not having attended university and thus never taught about critical thinking, and certainly not sharing my thoughts with others

my opinions on many matters didn’t always match those of my peers. I tended to be able to see both sides of a story fairly easily, leading to my then partner in life accusing me of apathy. dare I admit I needed to look up the meaning? I wore that label for some years until I grew up and realised my strength and abilities, which include having deep thoughts on many subject although usually keeping them to myself. I still tend towards not verbalising my opinions unless I am really passionate about an issue. like abuse. and even then, I see my brain saying that only abused people abuse others, hurt people hurt people ….and I get back to square one of realising that I see two or more sides to stories


M Scott Peck said in his Road less travelled book that Life is Difficult. yes, and life is complex. there is a great part of me that wishes I didn’t do so much thinking, or manage to see different sides to stories. life is surely pretty easy when one doesn’t think too deeply. Routine, habit, ritual ….anathema to me, and yet seemingly so inviting if it can stop the thought processes that tire me out at times

however, that is not my path.

my path is to continually challenge myself, my beliefs and either change myself or be the catalyst for change in others

apathetic I am not ….

a catalyst for change, I am…

and it has struck me now, that all those ‘guru’ type people I have followed for as long as their teaching was relevant in my life…they are all catalysts ….their words shift things in peoples minds …leading others to constantly quote them in conversation or on social media

oh deary me …guru ….no, not my path because …

Gee, You Are You





2 thoughts on “on complexities of life

  1. What a gift it is remain aware of both sides of the story rather than getting caught up in one of them. And how wise it is to keep one’s opinion to oneself!
    Truly delicious read. Thank you!

    1. thanks, angel! and here I was, thinking I was writing a blog that no-one would read LOL ….it is my therapy and although a few friends comment now and then, it is pretty much unread – so than you for your feedback – much appreciated (maybe I am not as odd as many thing!)

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