on dreaming

before I begin to write about my dream – I  need to add that beside me is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran …and of course, it is where I got the idea of my subject lines …on this …on that ….I had forgotten where it came from ….


today I remembered my long time dream. I had no way of working out how it could possible happen so I think I swept it away

I always had this fanciful idea, this dream, of having a property on a quiet piece of land where I can live in community with others, and have a few hens etc …and it would also be a retreat where others can rest and breathe. perhaps having therapists of all sorts available, courses and workshops etc.

after my sister died I took a lot of strain because of other factors too, and my therapist booked me into a retreat that was also a retirement home for nuns ….it was a silent retreat – no speech aloud – and oh my goodness, what sheer and utter bliss. food available at mealtimes and snacks readily available too – all fairly frugal as one might imagine with frail old nuns, and we were told that although we would eat with others on retreat, we had to consider the space as sacred for each one to communicate with their version of God

it impacted me greatly. and it spurs me on to create something similar for others, where weary souls can rest, where excited souls can learn new things, where lonely people can mingle with kind and generous souls ….or sit quietly in a corner, enjoying coffee and a nibble …a place where they can interact or be contemplative

I am excited about this – because it has been a long buried dream of mine and it is time for it to come into fruition now

wish me luck!


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