on playing games

oh the games people play now, every night and every day now,

never meaning what they say now, and never saying what they mean

da da da da tra la la…

god Grant me the serenity

to remember Who I Am ….

yes, I have taken liberties with the lyrics I vaguely remember from my youth

I delight in being past the stage of wanting to play games with people. well, that is untrue, really, because I LOVE playing games …board games, cards, word games …

you know which kind I am referring to …those games where you try to outsmart another because of your own insecurities and feeling unworthy of valid and valuable attention. it is infantile. I consider myself blessed to have outgrown it, to be secure in my own skin, certain of my worthiness and the space I inhabit on this planet ….

and it isn’t about not playing games …it is about authenticity. it is about being in alignment with one’s Higher Self.

I am committed to my own personal growth. and the personal growth of those who wish to grow

and I send love and affection to each and every person who is willing to play small in this lifetime

because I have love to offer

and because I wish more for them than they know how to wish for themselves

and because I am a Catalyst for Change

and because I Am


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