on Being of Service

my dream for my life has been sitting under the soil for a long time, and suddenly it has begun to emerge, a little like the daffodils and snowdrops peeping out the ground as spring arrives

part of the dream is to be of service to others ….and I am beginning to realise that this idea is a bit of a con! it sounds good. selfless. worthy. but the reality is, is that my dream is to be of service to me …and that may have, indeed I desire it to, have the spin off that others benefit greatly, too ….but if I am of service to myself in the greatest possible way, and I present as the most fully integrated authentic Self that I believe I am, then THAT is what I offer to the greater community

I am worthy of living the greatest grandest life. as are each of us. and for me to reach for a dream that serves others more than myself, is playing small. I have had many decades of good health. there is no part of me that feels that I should give that up so that some other person who has been unwell can benefit from my good health! that sounds, and is, ridiculous!

the more I step into the manifestation of my dream, the more brightly I will shine and the more illuminated the path I walk will be, so that others may join me, or follow me, and even take the lead on that path. the light I shine with my joy is a beacon for those who may be searching for light – but that doesn’t mean that I will turn off my light once I have been of service to x number of people….no, I shall continue to shine

I am a magnet for the resources my dream requires …the people, the stuff, the ideas, the expansion


it is thrilling!



(photo downloaded from Facebook …Wild Woman Sisterhood)


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