on facing loneliness

for many years I have found new and improved ways to deal with loneliness. I have not yet found the solution to the 2am waking up and being alone thing. I guess that may or may not be resolved during this lifetime …if not I am pretty practised at dealing with it. I don’t like it. I just cope

but the daytime stuff. that is different. I am in a situation where my neighbours are ones that are new to me – all of them. my friend neighbours are far away. very far away. and since I am not working at the moment, I find myself facing may daylight hours alone while I study or write or whatever.

I have found my new coping mechanism. I go to the pub! I don’t drink anything other than tea or water. I may or may not have a bite to eat if it is lunchtime. but I set up my laptop at a table closest to the fire or radiator. and I settle in for a couple of hours

there are hundreds of other things I could choose to do …but for now, this works for me

today I had to scrape a couple of inches of snow off my car to be able to drive here …common sense said…stay home

but who listens to common sense nowadays?


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