on worthiness

I am worthy, merely because I am here

You are worthy, merely because you are here

there is so much of our magnificence tied up in societal norms, rules, constrictions that at times we forget that we are worthy beyond measure

I have been happily single for so long that it never occurred to me that I could be happily not-single. That I am worthy of having an incredibly beautiful relationship with a fellow being that adds value to our lives, and therefore the greater humanity on the planet

I can do many things. I can change the world.  Alone. But in partnership he/she and I would be an enormous force for good ….

and I have clearly drifted away from the base topic …and that is okay. I am busy in my head with a million projects since I wrote that first few words …I am worthy …so for now, I am out of here to get on with continuing this beautiful life which is mine …


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